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Opnå optimal dybde med Xp Deus - LÆS HER
Alt om detektorer og søgehoveder. Her stilles alle spørgsmål vedr. detektorer såsom søgedybder, følsomhed, Double "D" osv.
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Kenneth Johnsen [Kenneth J]Medlem

Indmeldt: Nov 20, 2012
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IndlægSkrevet: Tor Dec 20, 2012 9:07 am    Tråd: Opnå optimal dybde med Xp Deus - LÆS HER Besvar, med citat

Fandt dette på et udenlandsk board, giver virkelig stof til eftertanke.

Translated this test to English from an Austrian forum.
Pretty remarkable to see the effect discrimination has on depth.
Thought you might be interested in the results.
The test was done according to Ingo standards.

Today, we were at the "borehole" on our testsite with 2 Deus for another try-out according to the INGO standard, as a follow-up of the last test.
The objective was to record what effect setting the individual of parameters in the menu have on depthperformance.
Testpiece was (again) the 2 RM-piece (1939 Paul v. Hindenburg) and as my base setting I chose my personal program "FOREST" comprising of the following parameters:

- Disk 0
- 4 Tones, but effectively 3 Tones. T1&2 200Hz., T3 317Hz., T4 791Hz. Threshold T2/3 22, T3/4 80.
- Sens 95, Power 3
- 12 Khz.
- Reactivity 0
- Audio Response 2
- Silencer 1
- G.B Manual 80, following the measurement by the DEUS.


Using the above mentioned values, the 2RM piece was placed in the ground so that it could just be detected. This was at 23 cm ( the ground was bonedry and the coil not fully charged)
Now every individual parameter was changed and the resulting depthperformance recorded. You should read the results as follows: on the left the setting, on the right the performance in cm's
With depthperformance I mean: a usable signal you would dig.

We started of with the Sensivity.


80 / 18cm
85 / 20cm
90 / 21cm
95 / 23cm
98 / 23cm


4 Khz / 23cm
8 Khz / 22,5cm
12 Khz / 23cm
18 Khz / 22cm

Now instead of the big 2RM piece, we tried a silver Hohlpfennig weighing 0,12gr, because frequency should have a noticable effect on the small finds capability of a detector.

4 Khz / 7cm
12 Khz / 12cm
18 Khz / 12,5cm

After which we proceeded again with the 2RM piece and with Recoveryspeed.


0 / 23cm
1 / 23cm
2 / 23,5cm
3 / 22cm
4 / 20cm
5 / 19cm

Audio Response:

0 /23cm
1 / 23cm
2 / 23cm
3 / 23cm
4 / 23cm
5 / 24,5cm


0 / 23cm
1 / 20cm
2 / 19,5cm
3 / 17,5cm
4 / 17,5cm
10 / 16,5cm
20 / 16,5cm
40 / 16,5cm
60 / 16,5cm

Ground (Deus itself measured a value of 7Cool:

77 / 25cm (but it was totally impossible to detect at 77, due to an incredible amount of false signals)
78 / 24cm
80 / 23cm
85 / 22,5cm
90 / 22cm

Unfortunately I totally forgot about the Silencer settings, but I will test this soon.
I couldn't change the Powersetting, despite the 12 kHz I couldn't change it in the Expertmode.
Obviously the Powersetting is coupled not only with the 4 kHz, but als with some other parameter.
I haven't found out which other setting is blocking the Power parameter in the Expertmode.
May be another Deus user can help me out.

Edited: 30.05.2011:

PS: - just tested the effects of Silencer- and Powersettings

With a freshly charged coil I can now detect the 2RM piece at 26 cm - so it pays off to have a fully charged coil - yesterday with Audioresponse at 5
in program FOREST I could only detect it at 24,5cm.


I tried all POWER settings more than once, but I can't, for the life of me, find any difference in depthperformance!
This surprises me greatly, I have taken my time with this test - the difference is truly insignificant.
I will use setting "1" in the future to save on batterylife and ask myself: why is it made adjustable at all?


The Silencer setting also doesn't have any noticeable effect on depthperformance - whether set in -1 or 4, performance is the same.
Setting 4 resulted in a less crisp signal and is therefore better not used.
Interesting would be to know if the Silencer has any effect on Recoveryspeed..

I translated it for Rogers relics forum and here's some more:
This Dierk's a smart un because he continues to do testing and shows that with discrimination set a 0 you get 4 inches
more depth on some coins than in standard GMP setting.
So what he does is make a setting with discrimination set at 0 and 4 Tone.

The first tone is set at 200hz (lowest tone possible)
The second also at 200 hz (lowest tone possible)
The third at 480hz (somewhere in the middle range)
The fourth at 791hz (highest tone possible)

Why does he set the first two tones at 200hz?

Because now he can set the first audiothreshold at 0 iso 6.8 or 4.6 or 10 which would automatically set the discrimination at 6.8 or 4.6 or 10 and would give you loss in depth.

The 2T/3T threshold is set at 23, which gives an iron tone to any target below 23
The 3T/4T threshold is set at 80, to seperate silver targets from copper ones.

So now you end up with an all metal mode with up to 4 inches more depth than GMP.

How does this work now?

You have an all metal mode with visual ID and Audio ID, so it sounds out on every metal target, but seperates the audio in
low tones: i.e. Iron, middle tones: Copper etc,and hight tones: Silver etc.

Not a good setting for Iron infested sites, but if the ground is clean and you want maximum depth with some sort of audio ID it's a really good idea.

Now where you put the thresholds is up to personal preference of course because local targets can be different, but I think its really smart how he got a setting with maximum depth possible and still retain audio ID so you don't have to swing and look at the display the whole time.

He got (compared to standard GMP setting):

10 cm extra depth on a 50 eurocent coin = 4 inches
7 cm extra deph on a small 10 eurocent coin = 3 inches
and als 7cm extra on a 2 RM coin as discribed in the austian test = 3 inches.

And this is according to INGO standards, so no airtesting!

I think that's a lot and it shows that coin size is not important as the 10 eurocent is a very small coin and the 2 RM is a BIG coin.
But a low discriminationsetting is all important if you want depth out of the DEUS.

With the first threshold at 0 it's no longer possible to set the Iron volume, so it's at level 5 all the time, but thats a small price to pay for 4 inches extra depth.
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Henrik [Henrikras]Medlem

Indmeldt: Jun 26, 2012
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IndlægSkrevet: Tor Dec 20, 2012 10:19 am    Tråd: S Besvar, med citat


Sidst rettet af Henrik [Henrikras] den Søn Jun 16, 2013 10:46 pm, rettet 1 gang
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Kenneth Johnsen [Kenneth J]Medlem

Indmeldt: Nov 20, 2012
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IndlægSkrevet: Tor Dec 20, 2012 11:16 am    Tråd: Re: Opnå optimal dybde med Xp Deus - LÆS HER Besvar, med citat

Nemlig.. det tror jeg også at man skal, men rigitg god info !
Jeg sætter normalt diskremation på 35....
Det vil jeg da ikke gøre mere da, men nu vil jeg lige afprøve det med at grave mønter ned i forskelige dybder og teste det på den måde..
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